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gingerthesnap asked:

TsuStar, Hogwarts AU


Tsubaki, barely able to see over the pillows Madam Pomfrey had loaded her down with, nevertheless managed to squeak in horror when she glimpsed Black Star slinking into the infirmary, his red and gold tie pressed vainly to the gushing wound just by his left eye.

"What— what happened!" she said in a near shout, dumping her pillows on the nearest bed and advancing, wand at the ready; Black Star looked over her head guiltily.

"Ah. Well. Maka was trying to teach me the right swish and flick for levitation spells, uh, and I got a bit distracted?" he tried feebly.

She put a hand to her forehead. “Oh, Black Star!”

"I know, I know! Listen, where’s the old lady?"

"Madam Pomfrey? She’s down in the dungeons giving Professor Snape the new healing pot—"

"Oh, bollocks!" He grabbed her elbow and swung her close. "Listen, can you just patch me up before she gets back, maybe?"

"What! No! What if it’s worse than it looks? You might need stitches!"

He regarded her blankly, his tie dripping softly onto his shoes. “Need what?”

She sighed and started combing nervously through the end of her ponytail. “Listen, just sit on a bed and I’ll put some gauze on it and then Madam Pomfrey can fix you up properly when she gets here. All right?”

"Noooo," he moaned, waving his bloodied wand for emphasis; hideous yellow-brown sparks shot out the end as his hair turned from blue to a fearful greenish color. "I’ve been in here six times already this term, she’ll bloody murder me! She’ll charm me into a noodle or something!"

"That’s your own fault, isn’t it?" Tsubaki said despairingly, wincing as he accidentally flicked a bit of blood onto her cheek from his flailing wand. "If you’d be more careful this sort of thing wouldn’t happen to you!"

He grinned at her, hair going rather pinkish. “Ah, yeah, but where’d be the fun in that?”

She was on the point of shrieking at him when he raised a hand and gently swiped the blood off her cheekbone; somehow she went a bit dizzy and quite lost her backbone after that, and after a quick Episkey and a series of Scourgeo for his robes and the floor, he was on his way, scampering out the infirmary door with a final roguish wink.

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